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June 24 to June 26, 2016

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Professor Mark Z. JACOBSON, climate and clean-energy scientist, is providing you with the unique opportunity
to tour his BONE Structure zero-energy home being built in Stanford, CA.


Tour the home, discover the benefits of a BONE Structure home and learn about emerging technologies in the construction industry including those of TomKat Center Innovation Transfer grantees that are deploying sustainable energy solutions for the built world. The home will still be under construction, which will allow you to see all the benefits and attributes of the BONE Structure technology and the outstanding energy efficiency of its thermal envelope.

Professor Mark Z. Jacobson

"I chose BONE because it offered prefabricated benefits (reduced waste on the job-site, decreased dust, and minimalized disruption to neighbors) while providing more flexibility for the shape of the house and making the most of my odd-shaped lot. The net energy efficiency, once the envelope is leak-proof, is due not only to the structure but also to energy sources and appliances. I have no gas going onto the property; instead, all energy comes from electricity. I will use electric cars, heat pumps for air and water heating, and an electric induction stove. The house will be powered by solar panels on the rooftop and energy will be stored using Tesla batteries in the garage."

- Mark Z. Jacobson